I grew up in a Christian home with a great Christian family. I attended Orlando Baptist Church from the time I was born until the time I left for college. When I was 11 years old, I was at a revival meeting at my uncle's church in Georgia when I realized that I'd never really asked Jesus to be my Saviour. I could feel the Pastor looking right at me during the invitation and I knew that it was time to trust Christ as my Saviour. So that's what I did.

I continued to be involved in my church and youth group throughout my teen years. At summer camp when I was 14 I felt God was calling me to serve him in full time ministry someday. I made this commitment at camp that summer. Later on that year, some missionaries came to our church and I felt that God was calling me specifically to the area of missions.

I put these commitments to the back of my mind and forgot about them until I was 19, and my brother decided to go on a missions trip. God started speaking to me about missions again at this point, and I decided to take my first missions trip to Hong Kong. It was a life-changing experience and the first time I understood what it was like to be used by God.

After my return from the trip I decided God wanted me at BBC, but after 2 weeks, I quit and went back home. I met someone and decided that we would get married, but I could never get God's voice out of the back of my mind, telling me that this wasn't right, and he had specific plans for my life, in the area of missions.

At our missions conference at church that year, our Pastor was talking about how missing out on God's call for your life would be your greatest regret. At that service, I decided to call off my wedding and go back to BBC and study missions. I met and married my husband and we went to do our internship at Orlando Baptist after graduation. I taught kindergarten in the Christian school, and together we worked in the college class.  We had the opportunity to lead 4 missions trips for TIME International, and to take our college class on a missions trip to Romania.

I am content now, knowing that I am exactly where God wants me to be, and that London is where God wants us to be as a family.


Adrienne’s Story