At the age of nine, I was invited to Windsor Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After attending Sunday school for about two months, I realized that I was lost and needed Christ as my personal savior. I went forward at the end of the service and asked someone to show me how to accept Christ. I acknowledged that I was a sinner and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior from my sins. I was baptized at church a week later.

After I became a believer, my relationship with Christ grew and matured substantially. I regularly attended church, read my Bible, prayed, and gave. I became a witness for God at my school and in my community. It was my desire to do the Lord’s work in church and in every area of my life. I started helping on the bus ministry where I was saved and went on regular visitation with my church.

Not long after, I felt God working on my heart and desiring me to surrender to full time missions work. I struggled at first, but later surrendered to His Will. Ever since then, it has been my desire to follow Him completely wherever He leads me. As a result, I surrendered to go to Baptist Bible College with the intention of becoming a missionary. During this time, I took two missions trips with my church youth group to Costa Rica and Belize. We witnessed to the locals, did street ministry, and assisted the missionaries in their daily work.

During my tenure at Baptist Bible College, I worked as a camp counselor at Ponderosa Pines Christian Camp in Running Springs, California, then again the next year at a youth camp in Vaylats, France. In California I led daily Bible studies, planned activities, and helped lead in worship services. In France, I assisted in the daily maintenance of the camp, planned activities, and mentored and counseled teenagers.

After graduation, I became the missions intern at Orlando Baptist Church for three years. As the missions intern, I helped in developing a missions strategy for our church and being the liaison between our supported missionaries and the church. I led four missions trips while I was there as well. I worked as the College and Career Pastor, teaching weekly sermons and developing college level curriculum and activities. I also taught three Bible classes at Orlando Christian Prep, the associated Christian high school, and was the Campus Pastor there. I was in charge of chapel as well as the personal counsel of all high school students.

After my internship was over in 2005, I felt God leading me to complete my graduate work at Baptist Bible Graduate School. I graduated in May 2008 with a Master of Biblical Studies and I am currently working on completing my Master of Divinity. While attending school, I became a member of Seminole Baptist Church where I was a counselor in the college class and also helped with the production of media for the church.

Today, it is our pleasure to be currently working and ministering as church planters within Greater London.


Tarl’s Story